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Brown Swiss Meet the Brown Swiss cow! Many dairy historians consider the breed to be the oldest of all the types of milk cows, or dairy breeds. Characteristics: The Brown Swiss cow has a graybrown coloring. She is large in size, weighing about 1, 500 pounds in maturity.Brown Swiss are known for dairy strength. Originating in the Swiss Alps, Brown Swiss adapt well to high altitudes and hot or cold climates, while producing large volumes of milk, ideal for cheesemaking. brown swiss dairy cattle information

Brown Swiss is a Swiss breed of dairy cattle. It derives from the Alpine Braunvieh. After the Holstein Friesian, it has the secondhighest annual milk yield, over 9, 000 kg (20, 000 lb) per annum. [1

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Brown Swiss dairy cattle were in fact developed from the Braunvieh beef cattle. Braunvieh was an extremely good milking beef breed and, many years ago, some animal breeders selected the best milking Braunvieh and began breeding these selected individuals for milk production.

To promote and represent the best interests of breeders and owners of Brown Swiss cattle; To support its members in improving the Brown Swiss breed. Uk Dairy Expo 2018 results cow classes results heifer classes. UK Dairy Day 2017 results. Shoestring sale report.

The world population of Brown Swiss is reported to be about 7 million, which ranks either first or second in worldwide population of dairy cattle. The Brown Swiss you see grazing across the United States countryside descend from initial importations of 25 bulls and 140 females from Switzerland.

Brown Swiss breed cows are good, persistent milkers, producing milk of average butterfat content as compared with other breeds of dairy cattle. This breed has been founded in Italy, Austria, the United States, Mexico, and the South American countries.

Let's take some time to credit these creatures with 5 fun dairy cow facts and home milk delivery in California. Without cows, we wouldn't have dairy products. 5 Fun Facts You Didnt Know About Cows. Without cows, we wouldnt have farm fresh milk, butter, cheese, and so many other dairy products! Brown Swiss. Meet the oldest type of

Brown Swiss are often called Braunvieh, which is German for brown cattle. This is because Brown Swiss actually descended from the Braunvieh breed, which is a dualpurpose cow. Brown Swiss is considered the primarily dairyfocused strain of Braunvieh.

A Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association, which was organized in Switzerland, has been active in promoting shows and in the production testing and classification of the breed. 1 E. Parmalee Prentice, American Dairy Cattle, Harper& Row, Publishers, Inc. , New York, 1942.

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