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Oct 07, 2018 In this Article: Dip Dyeing Your Hair Dyeing All of Your Hair Community Q& A 16 References Kool Aid is a great way to dye hair without doing anything permanent. It lasts longer than hair chalk, and it isn't as chunky as colored hair spray.Aug 15, 2012 How To Dye Dark Hair With Koolaid Hey I have jet black hair& I was planning to dip dye it with kool aid I was wondering how it will work. Can you help me out here? All I did for my medium brown hair was put the koolaid packet in a small pan add a little bit if water and brought it to a boil. . soaked my hair in it kool aid dip dye on brown hair

Oct 21, 2015  KoolAid is much cheaper than regular hair dye, and can easily work on dark brown hair with a lot less commitment than paying to get it done. This KoolAid hair dye recipe will teach how you to dip dye your hair

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Try easy Brown Blue Hair Color Kool Aid Dip Dye Color Chart Dip Dye with Kool Aid using stepbystep hair tutorials. Check out our Brown Blue Hair Color Kool Aid Dip Dye Color Chart Dip Dye with Kool Aid tips, tricks, and ideas.

However, using KoolAid to dye your hair, as strange as it may sound, is a great, inexpensive way to dipdye your hair, and it lasts a long time! When I first did it,

Oct 24, 2012 Dip dye koolaid hair? i'm planning to dip dye my hair with koolaid for halloween but i was wondering if i heat the koolaid up in the stove and i dip dye my hair how long is it going is the dye going to stay in my hair and the other way i was going to do is put conditioner with koolaid and how long is it going to stay.

Jun 10, 2013 I have thick dark brown hair. Yesterday I dip dyed it with red kool aid. The kool aid was very hot and I kept my hair in for about 30 minutes.

I know from using KoolAid in other experiments and dying projects that the lighter in color the material you are dying, the better the results. My daughters hair is a medium brown color and she wanted her dip dyed ends to be quite vibrant, so we decided to bleach the ends first.

Aug 16, 2011  How To Dye Your Hair With KoolAid. Updated on August 1, 2016. CourtneyHingley. Dyeing your hair with KoolAid is shortterm, relatively easy to remove, and can provide you with the hair colour that you are looking for without having to commit! Everyone is saying it stays in FORVER. And that really scares me. I dip dyed my hair with

Hi, I used the hot KoolAid method on a tiny section on the back of my head, as a test trial. I have medium brown hair, but the KoolAid completely dyed my hair bright red! Im happy with the results, although I was wondering how long thr results will last.

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