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On her return, Chummy discovers that she has come full circle and is now herself pregnant. Miranda Hart as Chummy Browne and Ben Caplan as PC Peter Noakes. Chummy is played by Miranda Hart. Raised in Hampshire, Hart studied Political Science before doing a postgrad course in acting. Stints at the Edinburgh Festival followed.Feb 27, 2013  Ive started rubbing my tummy like a pregnant lady : Miranda Hart moved by Call the Midwife plot twist. The comicturnedactress also confesses to chummy browne pregnant

Mar 04, 2013 Chummy Browne, as played by Miranda Hart, admires the period detail on the Call the Midwife set. Call the Midwife Series 2 Brand new DVD available to preorder now

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Lady Browne replies that she has, when Chummy was a tiny baby. Later, Chummy removes her nurse's uniform and crawls into bed with her unconscious and dying mother. She lies with her for hours while Lady Browne's breath comes slower and slower.

Miranda Hart as Nurse Chummy Browne (Camilla later Chummy Noakes. Camilla CholmeleyBrowne, otherwise known as Chummy, is the daughter of a prominent family who has found her way into nursing and midwifery by a circuitous route.

Chummy is surprised to find that her parents have separated, and invites her mother to stay, despite the haughty Lady Browne's disdain for her daughter's lifestyle. Later, Chummy is devastated to learn that her mother is suffering from terminal cancer.

Aug 18, 2016 She was set to reprise her role as lovable nurse Camilla 'Chummy' Browne in the next series of BBC One's Call The Midwife.

In Series 6, Shelagh is overcome with joy when she falls pregnant with her first biological child. However, she suffers complications and is taken ill during an inspection of the maternity home and rushed to hospital fearing a miscarriage, forcing Barbara and Phyllis to take over the running of the surgery. Lady Browne is Chummy's upper

Because of the unnamed illness, Miranda, who played the loveable nurse Camilla 'Chummy' Browne on the show, was also reportedly left unable to play tennis.

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Jul 14, 2015  The BBC series Call the Midwife features midwives Jenny Lee, Chummy Browne, Trixie Franklin, and Cynthia Miller as they live and work with nuns at Nonnatus House in Londons East End during the 1950s.

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