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Steffan Browning. 6, 732 likes 1 talking about this. Former Member of Parliament for the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. Former spokesperson forClearly, Steffan Browning doesnt have the foggiest idea about those values: Green MP Steffan Browning was ordered by his party to take down an offensive social media post about former prime minister John Key, Newshub is reporting. Mr Browning put it up on his Facebook page during Mr Keys valedictory speech in parliament on Thursday evening. steffan browning parliament

Authorised by Steffan Browning MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand COUNCIL& COMMERCIAL USE Chemical Free Weed Control is an exciting new area of weed management. Alternatives exist, and councils and their contractors are already using

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Steffan Browning hasn't got the most illustrious of legacies in his parliamentary career. He has been in Parliament since 2011.

Steffan Browning will leave his role as an MP next year, which is a great opportunity for the Green Party to ditch their antiscience baggage. I have a lovehate relationship with the Green Party.

Authorised by Steffan Browning MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand Wendyls state spray neat on weeds to kill them fast. New Zealand doesnt appear to retail vinegar at 20 acidity.

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Political career. He stood as the Greens candidate in the Kaikura electorate. Browning was placed in tenth place on the Green Party list for the 2011 election, when he was elected to Parliament, with the Greens gaining 14 seats. For the 2014 election, he was initially demoted to number 15, but was number 14 on the final list after twelfthranked

Steffan Browning: Select Committee: As at 8 February, 1st Reading not held. Published: 8 February 2017by John McSoriley BA LL. B, BarristerLegislative AnalystP: (04) (Ext. 9626) Caution: This Digest was prepared to assist consideration of the Bill by members of Parliament.

Marlboroughbased list MP Steffan Browning is retiring from politics after this year's general election, and says he is tired of Parliament's toxic atmosphere.

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