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We know there are a lot of fans of blue eyes out there, so we wanted to do this blog for all of you. Don't worry, we will have a brown eyes and green eyes blog coming soon too! Let us know what number you think has the eyes that make you weak in the knees, by commenting below! Also checkout our mens underwear deals. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34Oct 23, 2006  So a blueeyed man can know his blueeyed wife or partner has cheated on him if their child has brown eyes. Blueeyed men may have unconsciously learned to value a guys with brown eyes or blue

Jun 15, 2010 Why You Lust For BrownEyed Men by Alex Balk June 15, 2010 Everyone knows that apart from being hopelessly attractive, effortlessly charming and erudite, all while projecting a tiny jolt of danger and longing in those who come into contact with them, white men with brown eyes convey an immediate aura of dominance.

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Dec 30, 2009 Question for guys! Brown eyes or blue eyes? Why don't blue eyed guys like brown eyed girls? Guys brown or blue eyes in a girl? More questions. Are guys with brown or blue eyes nicer? For guys: What is more attractive brown eyed or blue eyed girl? Answer Questions.

Aug 26, 2011  When it comes to eye colour though, the dark side was trounced by the light, with a massive 40. 2 of men preferring blue eyes over any other colour. Brown eyes came second with 29. 2 per

Aug 05, 2006  Best Answer: Brown eyes: pull you under into a well of deep water. You suspect that you may drown in those dark brown eyes, but find that instead of wishing to rise into the air, your thoughts are swimming into them, deeper and deeper with each passing

Jan 09, 2013 Now the browneyed guys and girls sported blue eyes and the blueeyed folks had brown eyes. Another 106 students judged those photos for trustworthiness.

Mar 16, 2015 Blue eyes and green eyes are gorgeous. They are the colour of the ocean. People with brown eyes have the best senses of humour! Want more of the greatest Australian content BuzzFeed has to

Sep 01, 2018  Anyway, some guys might think blue eyes are prettier than brown eyes, only because blue eyes are rarer. Thats also why a lot of guys find red hair extra attractive its unique. Uniqueness inspires attraction. I have blue eyes, for what its worth.

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If both parents have brown eyes yet carry the gene for blue eyes, a quarter of the children will have brown eyes. Final Thoughts. Men with blue eyes prefer women with blue eyes based on the study. Maybe these men are simply attracted to girls with blue eyes or,

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