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FREE Character Description Interactive Writing Template to Support Teaching on The Tunnel (2 member reviews) Free. Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity to Support Teaching on The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Page Borders to Support Teaching on The Tunnel. Writing Frames to Support Teaching on The Tunnel.Transcript of The Tunnel, By Anthony Browne. Book Review. The Tunnel, By Anthony Browne. An array of literary tools was used including alliteration. The sister stayed inside on her own, reading and daydreaming. The brother played outside with his friends, laughing and shouting, throwing and kicking, roughing and tumbling. the tunnel anthony browne characters

The Tunnel Title: The TunnelAuthor: Anthony BrowneIllustrator: Anthony BrownePublisher: Walker Books (2008)ISBN: Once upon a time there lived a sister and brother who were not at all alike.

The tunnel anthony browne characters free

May 12, 2012 The Tunnel story with a dilemma On Tuesday we started a new unit of work based on stories with a dilemma. Because we love picture books and stories written by Anthony Browne, this was the one Mrs Warner decided to use.

This is a pack of five drama lessons based on Anthony Browne's popular book 'The Tunnel' A full description of each drama strategy used in the lessons is included, as are general notes for using the pack. Lesson 1: How characters are different, how they feel and creating a conversation between the two main characters.

The Tunnel by Anthony Browne Session Input Suggestive activity 1 Read The Tunnel up to where the chd get to the waste ground. Read page 2 again, ask the chd to identify any verbs.

When I brought home the picture book The Tunnel by Anthony Browne last week, P and B were immediately interested. Added to the obvious title and the intriguing cover image, the central characters are a brother and sister, just like them.

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Book Author: Anthony Browne. See More Books from this author. Teaching Ideas and Resources: English. Write a new story with the title 'The Tunnel Who are the characters? Where does the tunnel lead to? Look at the photos of different tunnels (see Resources below). Choose one and write about it what does it look like? Where does it lead?

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