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Pure Hazel, part of the Freshlook COLORBLENDS collection, is one of the bestsellers with a rich hazel shade contrasted by flecks of brown. The result is a completely beautifulJun 08, 2012 Pure Hazel Biweeklies vs. Pure Hazel Dailies I have both the biweekly ColorBlends in Pure Hazel as well as the ColorBlends Dailies in Pure Hazel and I have noticed differences between them. First, the diameter. freshlook brown vs pure hazel

FrehsLook ColorBlends Brown: The FreshLook ColorBlends pure hazel can help you lighten your dark brown eyes. This light honey coloured tone is a subtle yet dazzling shade of brown. FreshLook ColorBlends Blue: This sought after eye colour will give you a gorgeous pair of baby blues.

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May 27, 2013 Freshlook colorblends pure hazel review Hazel eyes: Hazel eyes often appear to shift in color from a brown to a green. Although hazel mostly consists of brown and green, the dominant color in the eye can either be browngold or green. Somehow, Freshlook colorblends make me feel a slight discomfort, not that I mind, but for

Or choose from one of the classic hues, like green, honey, gray, blue, turquoise, Pure Hazel, brown, Pure Hazel, or True Sapphire. Freshlook Colorblends contacts are a 12 week disposable lens that you can wear every day or just for that special occasion.

Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes; Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes. Follow 7. Tweet. Sort By. oldest. Oldest; I use to wear green colored contacts from FreshLook. Even though I have dark brown eyes, the green contacts showed up very well. Try Freshlooks Colorblends. I have the darkest of brown eyes, and Freshlooks Green and Pure Hazel

Aug 01, 2009 Freshlook Pure Hazel vs. Honey? How would it look on dark brown eyes? if you have any other suggestions to other colors i'm open to them, just gimme an explanation. (: show more I'm thinking about getting one of these colored contacts. I want something that looks natural but,

Who Should Get the Pure Hazel FreshLook ColorBlends Contact Lens: Last Word on Ciba Vision FreshLook ColorBlends Pure Hazel Contact Lens: To top it all, this one is the most naturallooking shade, so everyone of you can try it. My recommendation for firsttimers are pure hazel, green and brown. Honey and grey for party moods only

Apr 07, 2011 Get a bold color without walking too far outside your comfort zone with Pure Hazel from Freshlook Colorblends. Adding golden warmth to all eyes. Freshlook Colorblends: : Pure Hazel Vs Gray

Transform with pure hazel freshlook colorblends contact lenses. These hazel colour contact lenses have a vibrant yet subtle colour with a black outer ring that really stands out. All the Fashion Contacts, Contacts if you have Brown Eyes, Contacts if you have Gray Eyes, Contacts if you have Blue Eyes, Contact Lenses for your Hazel eyes, 30

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Pure Hazel Freshlook Colorblends. Hazel eyes are also rarer than most eye colors, like green eyes are. Hazel is a more common eye color than pure green. The Hazel Freshlook lenses are a mix of green and brown, and they blend naturally with most eye colors. The Freshlook lenses are: 2 week disposable colored contact lenses; 2 lenses per box

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