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Popular John M. Browning Firearm Designs 1885 to 1926 Browning Firearms Morgan, UT ( Ammoland. com ) Without doubt, John M Browning was the worlds foremost designer of firearms.The Browning Superposed was the last gun John Browning designed and the first commercially produced overunder shotgun. The OU design was not new, but they were all john browning guns

John M. Browning, American Gunmaker is the authentic biography of the man many have called The World's Greatest Gun Inventor. A 100page photographically illustrated technical section describes all John M. Browning inventions.

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Patented by John Browning in 1923, it was the last of his designs, and he died before it was introduced in 1928. Until the Superposed, most overunders were highpriced, madetoorder guns from

John Moses Browning, sometimes referred to as the father of modern firearms, is born in Ogden, Utah. Many of the guns manufactured by companies whose names evoke the history of the American

Dec 20, 2017  John Moses Browning is one of the most prominent names in firearms design. He holds a place of reverence among shooters and firearms historians, and deservedly so. Over the course of his life, Browning devoted himself almost fully to advancing firearms design. He

Most of us know John Moses Browning was the genius behind iconic guns like the 1911, Browning HiPower and Browning M2. 50 cal machine gun all of which are still in use by various police departments and militaries around the world. Those were just the tip of the iceberg, John Browning developed

John Browning designed many of Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 's most successful and wellknown firearms. The first was the Winchester Single Shot Model 1885, a renamed Browning Single Shot marketed nationally by Winchester.

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John Moses Browning (January 23, 1855 November 26, 1926) was an American firearms designer who developed many varieties of military and civilian firearms, cartridges, and gun mechanisms many of which are still in use around the world.

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John Browning transformed the firearms industry with his innovative designs for sporting rifles, handguns and machine guns. Many of his creations remain in use after more than 100 years.

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