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Founders Bart Kwan and Joe Jitsukawa possess exceptional chemistry given their similar experiences growing up in the streets, while also excelling in higher education, thus making their approach to comedy refreshing and revolutionary. speak on panels at film festivals, headline events at prestigious universities, and collaborate with awardWe are back from break! So much crazy fun with @bobbyleelive and @khalamityk on# JKNews to the point that @bartkwan wants kindly to choke Bobby out joe just kidding films brown

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Joe's fucking hating on himself. Hand to screenshot. 4. Thrillist Acquires Send Foodz Created by YouTubers Timothy DeLaGhetto and David So. 4 6 comments. The new title format. How much money do Joe and bart make? submitted 2 years ago by krndeejay.

Just Kidding Films and Olivia Thai, my take on the whole issue. # Olivia Thai# JUST KIDDING FILMS# Bart Kwan# Joe Jo# geo antoinette# Just kidding news# jkf# olivia thai and justkiddingnews# daniel wolfe. dykelicious liked this. blackoutboyastro liked this

Welcome to my world! Life vlogs, cooking, and random rants! Business Email: All other Email: [email protected] com snail mail me: Joe J

Feb 18, 2015 When Olivia was fired from Just Kidding Films she was issued a 1099 tax form and was classified as a Independent Contractor (watch the video below to see why that might seems conflicting and confusing). , geo, illegal, internship, jkfilms, joe, just kidding films, legal, olivia thai, oliviathaimusic, resolution, settlement, sued, unpaid

How old are each of the JKF members? Just so you know except for geo and bart the others are just eduacted guesses. Bart is 30 and I know Geo is 32 (saw it on a recent vlog) and Tiffany is 26. (BChoi) is 26. Joe im really not sure but if i had to guess i would say is 32 like Geo. Nadeem is 20 they mentioned that

JUST KIDDING GAMER: Meet and learn all about your favorite hosts on JustKiddingFilms: Joe Jo, Tiffany Del Real, Geo Antoinette, and more! The crew of JK Films heads over to the Anaheim

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First Name Joe# 9 About Cofounder, writer, director, and actor for the enormously popular Just Kidding Films team, a YouTube channel that takes on social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a

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