Stringy brown discharge during pregnancy

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Miscarriage. Brown discharge or bleeding does not mean a miscarriage is inevitable as 50 percent of the time the pregnancy will continue to normal fullterm delivery. Most miscarriages occur in the first 13 weeks but can also happen in the second trimester up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.Before ovulation, you will experience fertile mucus which is a stretchy discharge that is white and clear. Regular intercourse during your fertile window will get you pregnant. It is easier to get pregnant if you have sexual intercourse 48 to 72 hours before you ovulate. After ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant reduces. stringy brown discharge during pregnancy

Brown stringy discharge during 6, 8, 9, 10 weeks of pregnancy. With time, your uterus will start to change its shape and size, and this is meant to provide more space to accommodate the fetus that is developing inside the woman. As such, you will find that slight bleeding will most likely take place.

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What happens during childbirth; What to pack in your hospital bag; The best positions for labour Help brown stringy discharge? ? Northernbelle. Posted. Hi girls test and it was positive this was at 6 weeks. the bleeding became heavy the next day so i went to a& e who confirmed my pregnancy with a urine sample and took some

Brown discharge looks like old blood. Just like blood gets darker when you get a cut, brown discharge receives a brown tinge. Depending upon the cause such as implantation or threatened miscarriage there can be blood clots in BD. The way brown discharge looks during pregnancy helps diagnose the cause.

Nov 01, 2014 Ongoing brown discharge 68 weeks, normal? ? Chat Pregnancy I had same thing brown stringy bloody discharge had scan and all was well. She wanted to ensure that there isnt anything inside my womb after the pregnancy which could cause problems. during a scan a nurse find out that i am still pregnant and baby is not 3 weeks old but 8

Brown stringy discharge in the middle of the menstrual cycle can be normal, but in most cases it is caused by pelvic inflammatory diseases, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polyps, cervical diseases or threatened abortion during pregnancy. Bloody discharge is a common thing during menstruations. First it is bright red and heavy.

Oct 08, 2014  What brown discharge during pregnancy means. If youre nearing the end of your pregnancy, the brown stuff could also be a sign labor is near. A couple of weeks to a few days before you give birth, youll lose your mucous plug a glob of mucous that seals off the opening of the cervix during pregnancy (you may not even notice it happen).

Jan 05, 2012 Brown stringy discharge. Discussion in 'Pregnancy First She did see a fetal pole so maybe I have got my dates wrong and when I did a pregnancy test at home it took literally 1 second for two very dark pink lines to appear so I pressume my hcg levels are still very high. (2weeks younger) afterall. I ASSUMED during the time of te scan

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