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In ancient mythology the Phoenix rose from the ashes, stronger than it ever was MacGyver The Rising The Phoenix Foundation, formerly the Department of External Services and before that the OPI, is an ultrasecret government espionage agency tasked with defending the U. S. national interest both at home and abroad.MacGyvers father and head of the Phoenix Foundation. Characters Pete Thornton February 13, 2019. MacGyvers boss and best friend, Ex Delta Force and CIA operative now working as MacGyvers field partner for the Phoenix Foundation. Characters Nikki Carpenter (rebooted) January 27, 2019. Undercover CIA operative and former DXS hacker phoenix foundation macgyver building

Phoenix Foundation. A nonprofit think tank and government contractor which employs Peter Thornton (as Director of Field Operations) and MacGyver (as field agent and troubleshooter ) in Seasons 2 through 7. It often cooperates with government agencies, particularly the police or intelligence community (since as MacGyver puts it,

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THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION. The exterior of the Phoenix Foundation was the unique Westcoast Energy building on Georgia Street (left), which is entirely suspended from a central concrete column. The interior offices were built at the studio, including Pete Thornton's office (right), complete with golf clubs in

Database. MacGyver's employer for seasons 27, the Phoenix Foundation is a privately funded research and development thinktank organization which offers a broad range of services to both Government and Private sectors. Located initially in a single high security building designed and built by Lawton Enterprises,

The Phoenix Foundation is active in many areas of research and development other than military; these included such things as law enforcement, environmental research, protection initiatives, and public assistance programs, such as hearing restoration for the deaf.

Phoenix Foundation is a nonprofit podcast intended solely for entertainment and review purposes. We claim no affiliation with CBS's MacGyver or its rights holders. All images from the series are property of CBS Television Distribution.

Phoenix Foundation for Research October 24, 2016 This page is for MacGyver fans who want to list the Phoenix Foundation as an employer on their profiles and that sort of thing.

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The Qube (Vancouver) The Qube is a building in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was built as the headquarters for Westcoast Transmission Co. in 1969 and won the Design in Steel Award from the American Iron and Steel Institute. It was known as the Westcoast Transmission Building

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