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Such conditions sometimes apply en masse to the surrounding area. Check with your local planning authority. If you are not sure whether you can erect your garden building without planning permission, we suggest you are on the side of caution and call your local planning authority. In most cases you will be given an answer straightaway.Planning Permission Sutton Garden are happy to advise and help you negotiate through any planning issues that may arise, below are the basic rules and guidelines: Rules governing outbuildings apply to sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as oth garden buildings no planning permission

If you are running a business eight hours a day, five days a week you may well need garden office planning permission even if the building is less than 2. 5m tall. If you only occasionally work in your outdoor office you may not need planning permission, but more about that after This terrible tale. .

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Details of the planning permission and building regulation regimes for Outbuildings. Details of the planning permission and building regulation regimes for Outbuildings Skip to main navigation greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels, enclosures (including

Planning Permission. The information on this website should be taken as a guide ONLY. It is the customers responsibility to decide if planning regulations apply to their situation, and to apply for any planning permissionbuilding regulations necessary before purchasing a garden building.

Timberdise Garden Buildings takes no responsibility for planning permission, we try to work to the guidelines set below in order to avoid any problems with local authority with planning permission for certain types of wooden garden outdoor buildings.

If you suspect that your intended garden building might need planning permission, heres all you need to know about applying for it. How to apply for planning permission. Most of our sheds dont need planning permission and are ready to go up as soon as they are delivered, so thankfully theres no need to wait that extra 8 to 13 weeks

Most Garden Buildings under 2. 5 Metres high do not need Planning Permission Garden Rooms are considered to be Permitted Development and do NOT require Planning Permission if: The building is to be placed less than 2. 0m from the boundary of the property the maximum overall height should not exceed 2. 5m from existing ground level

For detailed information on planning permission we recommend that you look at the Government Planning Portal. We would advise that you check with your Local. greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings and many other kinds of structure for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house.

Home owners: Outbuildings and structures. Garden sheds, greenhouses and other buildings. If the development is within the curtilage of a listed building you may need to submit a planning application for the work unless listed building consent has already been granted. Your local planning office will be

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There have been some changes to planning permission rules in recent years. These changes were designed to make certain home improvements easier to complete without having to get permission. There are now certain things you can do that are said to be permitted development projects. One area that comes into play here concerns garden buildings.

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