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2020-02-20 13:37

James Buchan applauds Alaa al Aswany's Arabic bestseller about sex and power, The Yacoubian Building.The author was a dentist and he fills his book with the lives of the occupants of the Yacoubian Building. The poor live on the roof, the rich in once luxury apartments that are now showing signs of wear and tear. yacoubian building book

The book focuses mainly on the residents of the Yacoubian building, a oncechic but now rundown edifice that acts as a metaphor for Cairo's own deterioration. Gone are the crme de la crme of Egyptian society who lived in the building during the city's heydays of the thirties and forties.

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Aug 27, 2006  The Yacoubian Building was a best seller in Egypt, and this summer a feature film based on the novel opened there to popular and critical acclaim (although members of

In the course of this unforgettable novel, these disparate lives converge, careening inexorably toward an explosive conclusion. Tragicomic, passionate, shockingly frank in its sexuality, and brimming with an extraordinary, embracing human compassion, The Yacoubian Building is a

Top of my list is The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswamy (Harper Perennial). The book has been a best seller in its native Egypt and throughout the Arabic world since publication in 2002.

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