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Mar 14, 2012  Walkthrough: Tales of Graces f (Sony Playstation 3) Do so, and head to the bottom left house to obtain the necessary security credentials to pass. Next, head to the Fendel Tower at the north end of town. Fendel Tower Theres an elevator in theTales of Graces F Walkthrough Part 15 Old Grale Highroad, Return to Wallbridge Ruins. Pull the lever in this room to lower the South Bridge. Now head to the south twice. IN Preimeter Tower SE B1, open the chest to receive 4 Apple Gels. Now return to the ladder in the Main Tower SE and go up two floors. tales of graces head to central tower

After being told by Fourier that Kurt knows where Forbrannir is located, Asbel Lhant, Malik, and the rest of the group, who are trying find the valkines cryas in order stop Richard from extracting all of its eleth, head to Fendel Tower, where Kurt's office is.

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Tales of Graces F Strategy Guide. Author(s): Stephanie Barnes Head back to the central tower and go up the steps for a scene with Richard. After the scene, return to the courtyard and head to the left side of the central area to find the Turtlez, grabbing the chest with 2100 Gald nearby. When your ready, head for the north gate for another

Status image as an adult in Tales of Graces. . After being kicked out of Lhant, Asbel and Sophie head to Barona by ship, but two knights begin to chase them after their arrival.

Head a tower down from here and climb down the ladder. Kid# 2 is hidden behind the fruit crates off to the left side of the room. Head out north, ignoring the ladder.

For Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Stuck at Wallbridge .

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Once Cheria joins the party, head north toward the bridge and enter the tower on the right. Climb up one floor and exit south to enter the central tower for the The Price of Violence skit near the guards and then go back the way you came. Head down to the basement and exit north to the northeast tower and take the warp to the Wallbridge Ruins.

Oct 27, 2013  Tales of Graces. Wiki Guide. Table of Contents. Chapter 3. Last Edited: then reenter Wallbridge and head back to the middle tower where you got

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For Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation 3, FAQWalkthrough by TripleJump. Menu. Home; Answers; Boards; FAQWalkthrough by TripleJump. Return to the central tower and walk behind the table in the for Skit# 70. Return to ground level and go north to watch another scene. Now enter the first tower to the right if you head south.

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