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Jan 28, 2013  My mother and the aunts and uncles I close to have expressed that they generally don't like her because she is a know it all and her mom lets her be that way. I seriously want to punch her in the face but I don't because my revenge is that I have friends andMar 20, 2018  Less than an hour later, he reached for my knee. Recently, one of my husbands friends told him how uncomfortable my brotherinlaw had made his girlfriend at our wedding last year. know it all brother in law

Aug 30, 2007 Best Answer: Your brotherinlaw is jealous of his brother and he can not deal with it so he takes it out on the person that means the most to him that has help his brother succeed in life and make something out of hisself and that is you. He seen from the beginning that he could get away with and call it as a joke and knew that it would hurt you.

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My brotherinlaw is a know it all and I need advice on how to handle it. Heres my favorite example: I said that FDR served three terms because my niece is studying us history. He said he only served two because it was in the constitution that they can only serve two terms. I said that they added it after his third term.

Happy families: the know it all brother in law. The trouble is, he is an expert on everything. You may be thrilled with your new bookshelves: you had them made to measure by a local craftsman for what seemed a reasonable price. You show them, with pride, to your brotherinlaw. Oh, he says, If only Id known.

Oct 12, 2018 If you have an overbearing inlaw, you might struggle with how to handle the matter without creating problems with your spouse or your family as a whole. Before addressing the issue with your inlaws, have a candid discussion with your spouse to figure out your boundaries.

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My (sort of) sister in law (brother's fiance), is 19 and the biggest pain in the ass in the world. She acts like she knows everything and 'her' way is 'the' way. When we were talking about the pregnancy she acted like she 100 knew everything and had all sorts of parenting and pregnancy advice for me.

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