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May 08, 2009  Lev Dodin: 'Sometimes you turn up for a rehearsal feeling sick of it all. What struck me about Lev's work was that the cast seemed connected in a common purpose. In BrothersLev Dodin was born in Novokuznetsk in 1944. He first experienced theatrical production as a child at the Theater of Youth Creativity ( ) directed by Matvey Dubrovin. Studied at Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema under Boris Sohn and Georgy Tovstonogov which he graduated in 1966. lev dodin brothers and sisters

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Brothers And Sisters Part II. Subtitle: Roads And Crossroads. Total Rating: 14. Opened: July 11, 2000. Lev Dodin. Review: Part of Lincoln Center Festival 2000, this stage adaptation of Fyodor Abramov's trilogy of life in Russia's Far North continues over a second evening to show the same village five years after the end of WWII

In 2015 Lev Dodin brought back to stage his legendary 1985 Brothers and Sisters play, this time with a new and younger cast. This is a story of Pekashino village dwellers lives during World War II

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Jul 14, 2000  Brothers and Sisters, a signature production from the Maly Theater of St. Petersburg that's being presented as part of the Lincoln Center Festival, definitely belongs to the biggeris

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