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2020-02-25 22:01

Check the details and requirements on how to become a LoadCentral subdealer. We are giving free marketing materials to promote your business.Load Central SubDealer. The Load Central SubDealer's Role is to signup Load Central Retailer and supplies them with LoadCentral Wallet. He has an override on all the sales of the Retailers. For every sale your registered retailers make, you as the subdealer will receive an overriding commission known as the Gross Retailer Override (GRO). loadcentral dealer requirements

LoadCentral will review your application and register your account. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS andor email from LoadCentral once your account has been successfully registered. Take note that processing of retailer application may take one (1) to three (3) working days from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

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Requirements needed to be a LoadCentral Dealer: Duly notarized Dealership Agreement form. Php 100, 000 initial Load Wallet credits. Register at least 100 Retailers within the first 3 months. Php 80, 000 monthly Load Wallet credits (starting on the 4th month)

How to start your own eload retail business. 01 Feb. How to start your own eload retail business The capital and requirements are very minimal. All you would need is a mobile phone, a retailer SIM card, and around 750 as starting capital. The AllinOne SIM card functions in the same way and are available for sale online from

LoadCentral is NOT a multi level marketing Company (MLM) or networking company where you need to recruit downlines. There is no middle man. There is no middle man. Its only you as a subdealer and your group of retailers.

Oct 30, 2018  Second The initial investment that we require for dealers is way lower than what the Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc. (LoadCentral main) requires. Mainly because want to be able to help other people who wants to earn extra income and start their own small eLoad business.

UPDATE: SubDealer post was moved here A LoadCentral Dealer registers SubDealers, Retailers and replenishes their load wallet accounts according to their agreed payment solutions. Dealers have all the benefits of a SubDealer but with a higher commission and discount rates. . Requirements needed to be a LoadCentral Dealer: Duly notarized Dealership Agreement form

Starting Steps: Wait for a confirmation text message from LoadCentral and from Asenso Filipino. For Load Central Subdealer, pay the required registration fee. PROMO codes for or discounted registration applies if there are any. Please contact us for payment details. For Load Central Retailers, skip this step and proceed to step 4.

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Requirements. Php100 Retailer registration fee; any active SIM card (prepaid, postpaid, roaming) that is not yet registered in the loadcentral system; fully accomplished registration form: Full name, address, ID, and email; Reminders. We do not sell Globe or Smart Retailer sim cards. Any valid cellphone number can be registered as a Retailer SIM.

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