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Sep 16, 2013 Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue Ukyou Route. She has also caused morale degradation of Ema. haha Whatta woman. During one of the later events (3rd to the ED I think), while waiting for Ukyou (date hahaha), Reiko pops out and says that Ema's way too young, inexperienced, achieved nothing yet, blah blah. . . thus Ema's morale was down.Brothers Conflict BRILLIANT BLUE Asahina Ukyo Route Translations (Part 18) Translators note: MCs name shall remain as my normal () Spoiler FREE: Translations under cut! (Part 18) is found under Extra, the last memory on the list, unlockable once youve completed the entire CG set brother conflict ukyo route

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Sep 04, 2013 I love Ukyo that much. Skip navigation Sign in. Brothers Conflict: Aggressive Ukyo hits Flirty Kaname IJPRayaBinSaeng. Brothers conflict valentine day ova SPANISH SUB Duration:

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Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue. Juri This route is on the same level of WTF as Cecil from the original UtaPri game xD. Juri is Emas pet squirrel but hes a very special squirrel. When he was a baby squirrel living in the moutnains, Emas real father

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