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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Brothers' Enemy by RavenNM. Anime Brothers Conflict Rated: K, English I do not now, nor will I ever, own Brothers Conflict because I would never be able to make all the fans happy too many good looking guys for Ema to choose from. General POV.Brothers Conflict Fanfic Fanfiction. Asama Rain is a girl who was kicked out of her house by her terrible mother and slightly passive but kind father. She's then adopted by Miwa, but it's a secret from the brothers! Who feels that she's just a new little sister and who wants to wake up brothers conflict fanfiction pregnant

One of the Guys Brothers Conflict x Tomboy! Reader aiimee9 AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance October 13, 2017 Instead of Ema, you, the reader will be the main protagonist.

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The wait was nerve racking. I looked at the stick and sure enough there was a little plus sign. I'm pregnant. My mind went back to the only times I had been fucked. There was the football player. I was sure he had a condom on. It most likely isn't his. Then there was Fuuto. Oh god. Please don't tell me I'm pregnant with my step brother's child.

Psst Notice anything different? Find out more about Wattpad's new look! Learn More. Brothers Conflict Scenarios by DawniiChan. Brothers Conflict Scenarios Fanfiction. # anime# brothersconflict# emahinata# kanameasahina# reverseharem. When You Tell Them You're Pregnant and They're the Father 22. 4K 369 319. by DawniiChan. by

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Bubblegum (Brothers Conflict X Oc) (ON HIATUS) Mayumi is Ema big sister. Mayumi hasn't seen Ema in three years. One day she got a call from Rintarou saying he's getting married and would like for her to look after Ema. Of course she said yes. But what she didn't say yes to is her 'brothers' starting a conflict wit

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