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Antique Wooden Box Wickwire Brothers, Cortland N. Y. Nice solid condition for it, s age. All finger jointed corners on this box with clear readable verbage. Wickwire Brothers Cortland, N. Y. 25Lbs Net, Wire Brads, Length 1. 25 In. Gauge 16. Box is dark in color from use and age but still in great shape and be totally useable today if one so choose.Chester Franklin Wickwire. The Innovator. Chester Franklin Wickwire was the second child of Raymond and Elmira Wickwire, farmers living in McGraw, NY. In 1865, Chester left home at the age of 22 to seek his fortune in the nearby city of Cortland, NY, where he opened a hardware store on Main Street. wickwire brothers cortland

CHARLES WICKWIRE ( ) He later attended Yale University, where he earned his Bachelors Degree. Upon his marriage to Mabel, Charles built the red mansion to the left of the 1890 House (when viewed from outside). This mansion is now the SUNY Cortland Alumni House.

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The 41st star in the center of the crown illustrates Cortland as the closest incorporated city to the geographic center of New York. The leading industry in Cortland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was the Wickwire Brothers wire drawing mill, noted for its production of wire hardware cloth for use as window screens.

Jun 12, 2015  The Jury found: That Frank Hotchkiss came to his death April 20, 1890, from injuries received by an accident which occurred on the 19th day of April, at about 1 P. M. , at the wire mills of Wickwire Bros. , in Cortland, N. Y. , caused by said Frank Hotchkiss overloading an elevator and suddenly jumping upon the same, causing the cross beam to give away and precipitating the elevator and its

Wickwire Brothers. Wickwire Brothers turned from the hardware business to the manufacture of wire cloth, drawn wire and nails, fencing and even steel for making these products. Although the area's largest employer during most of the 20th century, the firm was forced to close in 1971, victim of the times.

Sep 29, 2008 Re: Wickwire Brothers Steel, Cortland, NY by NYSW3614 Fri Sep 26, 2008 12: 09 pm Strangely enough, Wickwire was always a bigger customer for the DL& W and not the LV.

The Suggett House Museum is home to exhibits related to Cortland County. These exhibits allow visitors a chance to see the items that have shaped Cortland County over the last 200 years. From Brockway Trucking Company to Wickwire Brothers, the businesses, industries and people of Cortland County are reflected in our collection and exhibits.

The box says Wickwire Brothers Inc. Cortland, NY USA . T are 3 boxes of Cortland Wire Brads 14lb net. The boxes say 34 length, 18 number. Wickwire Brothers Inc. Cortland, NY USA . T is 1 box of Cortland nails that says 12 , 18 gauge and 14lbs net. It has WB on

The Wickwire steel mill was started in 1873 in Cortland, New York and incorporated in 1892. Around 1910, the Wickwire brothers opened distribution warehouses throughout the country. The company was liquidated by the Wickwire family in 1969 and the Foy family purchased the Philadelphia operation in

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Apr 06, 2017 In fine wire drawing, however, Wickwire Bros. are protected by no patents. The method is the same in all countries, and a man can draw just as long a piece of wire in a day in England or Germany as he can in America.

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