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In 1961, The Sherman Brothers wrote their first song for The Walt Disney Studios, Strummin Song. The song was sung by Annette Funicello and featured in the film The Horsemasters. Throughout the 1960s, The Sherman Brothers continued to write many wonderful songs for The Walt Disney Studios.When Iago and Zazu, famous birds from Aladdin and The Lion King, took over the show they interrupted the well known Sherman Brothers theme song. The attempt to modernize the show for a new generation failed miserably. Without the charm of the Sherman Brothers sherman brothers song in animal kingdom

Jan 20, 2011 Richard and Robert Sherman are the talented brothers who wrote the famous 'it's a small world' tune. Enjoy a look back at these talented brothers singing with Walt

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Welcome back to our musical adventure, highlighting the works of Robert and Richard Sherman! If you havent already read Finding the Sherman Brothers in Disney Parks Part One, go read that now. Today, we wrap up our look at the dynamic song writing duo known for so many Disney classics.

The Top 8 Greatest Sherman Brothers Songs. by The song is a unique display of the Shermans ability to mimic practically any style; the song being an imitation of Chevaliers style

There the Sherman Brothers song continued to play over and over, and eventually made its way to Walt Disney World. The East coast version of the attraction opened along with the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. While there were some changes made from the California version, the infamous Sherman Brothers song remained the same.

The Sherman Brothers wrote a song for a Disney attraction, and that song became a part of the zeitgeist. By the way, if youre keeping score at home (which would be weird), four out of the 11 greatest Disney theme park songs are Sherman Brothers creations.

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Many great songs have been featured in Disney films. One of them in particular became Walt Disneys favorite song. He loved the Sherman Brothers song Feed The Birds from Mary Poppins. He would often ask the brothers to play the song for him.

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