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Practical points. The acronym USAfat (uptake in supraclavicular area fat) has been proposed to portray this typical appearance. However, when brown fat occurs in the mediastinum or the abdomen, or near lymphnodes or masses, the correct interpretation of focal FDG uptake can result in a real challenge.Location and classification Classical brown fat is found in highly vascularized deposits in somewhat consistent anatomical locations, such as between the shoulder blades, Beige fat is the adrenergically inducible cell type that is dispersed throughout adipose tissue. It has greater brown fat on pet scan

Oct 17, 2018  In, it was discovered ( serendipitously ) that adult humans DO have stores of brown fat in the upper chest, neck and head region (the area of the thoracic spine and cervical spine ) and this was discovered during PET scans using fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) as a

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Keywords: Brown adipose tissue, brown fat, fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography INTRODUCTION Brown adipose tissue (BAT) functions as a thermogenic organ by producing heat to maintain body temperature in many mammals, especially in the young. [ 1, 2 It is involved in nonshivering thermogenesis and in dietinduced thermogenesis.

Oy vey! 5 big new nodes creeping up my throat. Looks like 1 was outside the radiation field. So much for 2x a day chest radiation. The radiologist made an issue about finding deposits of brown fat above the nodes. I had to read up on that. Apparently brown fat can enhance like cancer on a PET.

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