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For some women, having a missed period is just normal since menstrual cycles are not definite. However, if youre sexually active or if you are trying to get pregnant, a missed period could signal conception. Meaning Of Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge. Pregnancy signs vary from one person to another.Brown Discharge. Clear Discharge. Pink Discharge. Very Light Period. as well as cases of missed period but not pregnancy. The situation is quite different with contraception, in which case ovulation is deliberately decelerated, leading to overdue or very scanty periods. The other 4 causes of late period not pregnant. Anemia is an missed period but not pregnant brown discharge

What a Brown Discharge Means When You're Not Pregnant. the way they are during the first half of a woman's menstrual cycle or during pregnancy. A brown discharge has a different meaning. One possibility with a brown discharge is pregnancy. brown discharge, missed period now clear discharge

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Brown discharge before a period is not common, but it is possible to happen. There are few reasons for this including: In some cases, it is possible that your uterus tries to get rid of old tissue a week or two before your period. You may be pregnant. Sometimes dark brown discharge can be one of the first signs of pregnancy that women notice.

Brown Discharge at time period was due, no period, negative test. The brown discharge is also a sign of pregnancy in the first trimester from the information that i have read. Hope you find this information helpful and i wish you the best of luck! My period is about 6 days late. Today, I started with very scant brown discharge. Very

Feb 16, 2015 It's 7 days since my second period was supposed to come but I had nothing. . Except brown discharge. I had one head ache and a couple back aches and I'm feeling very little nauseous right now. Everyone says I'm not pregnant but I'm still a little unsure I'm only 14 and very scared.

For 2030 of women, pregnancy can start with the socalled implantation bleeding (IB), which can be similar to brown discharge instead of period. To dispel your doubts, you should keep in mind that IB occurs a few days earlier than regular periods and is not accompanied by cramps.

This brown discharge instead of period could be an early signalsymptom of pregnancy. Late Period. In many cases the brown discharge instead of period could happen during late periods actually the female body expels old oxidized uterine lining as late menstrual flow.

If you get a period that is late or have a period that is after the one in which the lining of the uterus has not been expelled, you will have brown discharge instead of period. This represents the old blood that has been treated with oxidation processes inside the uterus and is then expelled from the body at a later time.

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Singh on cramps brown discharge but no period: If you are 45 days past the date of your expected period, you may do a home pregnancy test. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions in the kit carefully.

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