If i have brown discharge am i pregnant

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Brown discharge at early terms of pregnancy may be provoked by implantation (the eggs invasion into endometrial lining). Usually this discharge is very scant, it appears earlier than the expected period, is not accompanied by pain, but can give rise to other early pregnancy symptoms.If you have these symptoms and brown discharge, dont hesitate to see your doctor. 8. After an abortion 28feb thats lasted for only two days& was not heavy after that I am having Brown discharge till day so is that mean am pregnant or what? please help. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. if i have brown discharge am i pregnant

Aug 01, 2010 Brown discharge, hard stomacham I pregnant? For the past 2 weeks or so I have been getting this brown discharge every time I pee. And every time I lay down on my back and I feel the bottom under my belly button it feels hard but then I get up and it goes away.

If i have brown discharge am i pregnant free

Here is a complete guide to pregnancy discharge: Find out the causes of abnormal discharge during pregnancy, and what is means if you have white, yellow, pink, brown or green discharge. Also learn about vaginal discharge during the first, second and third trimester.

Hi i have this brown gluggy discharge and i am expecting my period, it has lasted 4 days and i have had sex with my husband but with a condom. sometimes without but we used the pull out method.

sure, chances of pregnancy are high, this is how I got pregnant for the first time. normally, I had this brown discharge after period which was completely normal and I was not scared of it a bit. so, when this brown discharge started to appear before my period, I also was not concerned. I believed that this is normal. but then I started to have some other symptoms that were telling me that

Seeing brown discharge when you wipe can be disconcerting. But in the vast majority of cases, brown discharge is normal and nothing to worry about. For some women, brown spotting occurs in very early pregnancy. It can be scary when this happens, but most of the time, spotting during pregnancy is nothing to worry about I am a healthcare

Oct 19, 2013 I am also about 4 days late as my cycles are between 3034 days. I have had some very light cramping, brown discharge, low back pain that comes and goes, and sore breasts.

Sep 24, 2014  Possible Causes of Brown Discharge if Youre Not Pregnant. Its not uncommon to have a small amount of (sometimes intermittent) brown discharge for a few days after menstruation thats old blood making its exit. Or you might experience a little pinkishbrown spotting or discharge around ovulation. And sometimes a little brown

brown discharge, am I pregnant? My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 2 days before my period (regular). [and yes I know brown discharge is normal RIGHT after my period, and it was present And then 5 days after my period (normal discharge), I felt my BBT has elevated (not fever) and then 11 days after my period, I've noticed a reddish

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If you have had a history of sexually transmitted diseases, then brown discharge during pregnancy can be due to relapse. Similarly, if your partner recently had Herpes infection and you get brown discharge after sex, it hints infection.

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