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Forums Comprehensive Dentistry Brown teeth near gum line. Aa. A. A. A. Close Comprehensive Dentistry Forum Brown teeth near gum line lola333. I have some teeth that are brown near the gum line. I've never had a cavity but my gums seem to be receding in some areas and my teeth have become more sensitive to touch, heat and cold.I recently noticed lines along my gum line on 4 teeth in a row. The on each tooth is in the same spot as the others. I recently noticed brown lines along my gum line on 4 teeth in a row. The brown on each tooth is in the same spot as the others. a tooth cracked had an xray n 3 top cracked at top my dentist temporary filled and said brown lines teeth near gums

Why Would Teeth Turn Brown at the Gums? by Contributing Writer; Updated September 30, 2017. Related Articles. What are the causes of pale gray and swollen gums? Brown teeth stain can be superficial or temporary, embedded or structural. The treatment for such stains can vary depending on its severity and type. Such treatment can range from

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Nov 10, 2017 Find out why brown spots on teeth happen and what you can do to prevent them. turning into tartar. Tartar can range in color from yellow to brown, and it appears along the gum line.

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Sandler on brown stain on teeth near gum: See your dentist to either polish the stains off or discuss restorative options such as tooth

Sep 22, 2015 Receeding gum tissue exposing darker portions of teeth is a danger sign warns Wilmington Dentist providing painless aesthetic dental services. When bacteria accumulate between the teeth and gum line, diseased gums loosen their grip on teeth. As it progresses, gum tissues and supporting bone for teeth can be damaged and even lead to tooth loss.

Brown stains on teeth near gums or between teeth crevices, for instance, may be brought about by very different factor compared to the brown stains that are only on the surface of the frontal teeth. Knowing the causes will assist you to determine the solution to erase the stain.

The tooth also has a amalgam filling near the gum line and the brown spot is directly under it. Could this be decay possibly a cavity? Or would this result in a root canal.

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Brown or yellow stains usually occur between the teeth or near the gum line. These stains can come from tobacco, pigmented food, sauces and liquids. The fastest and most effective way of getting rid of tooth stains is to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

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