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Feb 03, 2014  There are many different shades of brown eyes, from deep dark brown to light browns and hazel. Some shades of brown eyes can work better to bring out the color in your eyes. For those with darker brown eyes, shades like deep greens, purples, and even aIf you have dark eyes, brown eyes, dark hazel, and even black. Here's some tips for you. Natural Dark Brown Eyes. Chances are you will see a transformation and colors will usually turn out better then people with super light eyes. tips for dark brown eyes

Tips on applying eyeliners for Brown eyes Mildly smudge eyeliner edge and ensure that it is fading away well. If you are new and want to have a straight lines ideal way is to use dots and joining them. Opt for intense lines but draw thinner lines if you have closeset eyes. Highlight the inner

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The perfect eye makeup for brown eyes consists of deep shades of brown, plum and purple, dark blues, gold and champagne, green, mint, moss, vanilla and peach. Shades that are darker than the color of your eyes will help achieve a dramatic look, and eyeshadow shades lighter than the eyes help create a natural look for any day occasions.

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Makeup tips for brown eyes. Unlike green or blue eyes, there isnt a complementary color for brown eyes per se. Because this color actually consists of a combination of blue, yellow and red, there are not many restrictions when it comes to makeup ideas for brown eyes.

No matter whether your brown eyes are light, medium, or dark, navy blue eyeshadows and eyeliners are going to make them look absolutely stunning. The coolness of the navy makeup contrasts against warm brown eyes, which in turn, also makes the whites in your eyes appear whiter.

May 18, 2010  Best Answer: my mom sells avon makeup. i have dark brown eyes and i used to have glasses. if at all possible, maybe you could try contacts. then there are a lot of colors for eye shadow that really compliment brown eyes! i wear lots of browns, pinks,

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Make Up Tips for Light Brown Skin and Dark Brown Eyes Foundation. It is important to choose the correct foundation color for your light brown skin. Powder. Choose either a powder to match your foundation or a transparent powder. Blush. Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks. Eye Colors. Dark

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