Brown long tail butterfly

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Here's a rare Butterfly for the Houston area. It's a White Striped Longtail. Here's where it gets interesting. Uncommon Butterfly White Striped Longtail. November 8, 2010. Heres a rare Butterfly for the Houston area. Below is a Long Tailed Skipper for comparison.Similarities between Butterflies and Moths include their scalelike hairs that cover their respective bodies and deliver their various recognizable patterns and colors along the wings that we see. LongTailed Skipper. X# 126. Luna Moth. X# 127. Lunate Zale Moth. X# 128 RedBanded Hairstreak Butterfly. X# 179. RedBordered Emerald. X brown long tail butterfly

The longtailed skipper It is a showy butterfly, with wings of light brown tinted with iridescent blue, and two long tails extending from the hindwings. The robust body is light blue dorsally. It has a large head, prominent eyes, and a wingspan between 4. 5 and 6 centimeters.

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The longtail butterfly ray (Gymnura poecilura) is a species of butterfly ray, family Gymnuridae, native to the IndoPacific from the Red Sea to southern Japan and western Indonesia. Growing up to 92 cm (36 in) across, this ray has a lozengeshaped pectoral fin disc about twice as wide as long, colored brown to gray above with many small, light spots. The spiracles behind its eyes have smooth rims.

Longtailed Skipper Urbanus proteus; Family name: HesperiidaeSkippers General description: Wings brown, dorsal forewing with band of large glassy spots, hindwing with single long, prominent tail. Body and wing bases with bluegreen iridescence. Ventral hindwing with continuous dark brown outer band.

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A Brown Long Tail Skipper (Urbanus procne) feeding on a Mist Flower in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This is the most common Longtail in the area.

Identify Butterflies On this page we'll help you identify butterflies you may see in your garden or in the field by their shape, wingspan, opened and closed wing color, common name and family name. Butterfly Common Names:

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So does anyone know what kind of butterfly the brown smooth caterpillar with a few round tan circles on it's back, will become? they are eating fennel. Robyn Lyn Cagle It was about 2 inches long, had tiny red dots in a couple spots and had a red spike tail about 3 cm. long. The strange thing I saw on it was a bunch of white things it had on

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Longtailed Skipper Urbanus proteus (Linnaeus, 1758) Family: Hesperiidae. Subfamily: Pyrginae. Identification: Tails are long. Upperside is dark blackish brown; body and wing bases are iridescent bluegreen. Males have a costal fold enclosing scent scales on the leading edge of the forewing. Dark row on underside of hindwing is a complete band.

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